Alien, All Too Alien

by My Cat Is An Alien

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geld heeft geen waarde....muziek wel
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geld heeft geen waarde....muziek wel special music for weird people. Originally released on vinyl, limited to 250. 2013 release


Their cat may well be all too alien but there's quite an earthly feel to this epic voyage of a record from the brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio. It feels like you are slowly drifting through different continents perched on a floating glass-domed steel barge, observing the strangely contrasting cultures go about their business, seemingly unaware they are being watched.

Though there are certain sounds contained herein that are quite familiar to many 21st century homosapiens, much of the content is wildly skewed and disorientating. Maybe this is a (heavily medicated) alien's impression of earth? See? This place isn't so bad - call off the invasion guys, MCIAA will take you to their dealer. And their dealer, it would seem, is a muse that still fires up the siblings enough to produce an enthralling LP such as this despite umpteen scores of releases and side-projects since the late 90s.

Multi-layered hums and whirrs are punctuated and punctured with all manner of exotic percussion, twanging strings, quaintly retro synthetic bloops, lonesome harmonica, and human babble. Your focus will no doubt shift between the different levels of activity, often leaving you wondering when a particular sonic strand you had previously been following actually ceased - and just how long exactly has that guitar strumming been going on!? These hyper-prolific brothers from Turin shroud each transition with unearthly skill.

There are two side-long trips you can take - preferably in the order they were intended - though guaranteed there will be several hundred details you will have missed, ensuring a prolonged stint on the turntable.

So, give a knock on the dome and pull up a captain's chair beside your green-hued travel companion and see your world through different (bug-)eyes..

Originally released as an edition of 250 white vinyl LPs in colour sleeves.


released August 1, 2013



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